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High standard professional cleaning


Maintenance Valet


- Exterior pre-clean stage with snow foam application and the use of a citrus pre-cleaner. 

- Safe contact wash.

 - Full wheel clean.

- Full window clean.

- Car treated with a protective rinse aid.

-Car dried with a high quality microfibre drying towel.

- Application of detailing spray.

- Application of tyre and trim dressing. 

- Full interior clean including treatment to leather seats and trim. 

- Finished with interior fragrance air freshner.

Detailing Services

Prices are additional to a maintenance valet

- Clay Bar Decontamination with Iron Fallout Remover.


- Bodywork Hand Polish.


- Clay Bar Decontamination and Bodywork Hand Polish



- Application of Spray Sealant.


- Bodywork Hand Wax.


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